At the age of 3, I remember helping my father rebuild my grandmother's deck.  I had my plastic hammer and would try to bang in the nails.  When my father would turn the corner, I would grab the 22 ounce hammer with both hands and start bending nails, instead of driving them in properly.  That is when I knew I wanted to be a carpenter.   My experience started with roofing, siding, and framing for different crews across Cape Cod, most of them were pirates, so I jumped ship a lot.  Along the way, I spent a few years living in Chatham, working on remodeling projects.  This was extremely beneficial to a young carpenter on the Cape, for the new construction almost came to a halt.  Remodeling allowed me to learn how to build a house by taking them apart, and putting them back together again.  I have picked up some great tricks of the trade from some carpenter wizards along the way, and have developed a lot of tricks of my own.  I tend to think outside of the box, and try to express my creativity through carpentry.  I blame Dr. Suess for this.  It is always nice to leave a signature piece of my style on a job.

     Nowadays, I try to think of myself as less of a rock star, and more of a role model.  I truly enjoy coaching children.  I currently volunteer coach Farm Hockey, and Farm Little League Baseball.  This is the most rewarding experience a dad could participate in. 

     As far as future carpentry projects, I am interested in taking on any size projects, of any kind, especially if I can assist in the design process, focusing on artistic carpentry projects is my preference, however, I enjoy taking on any top notch project.. as long as it is on or near the beach.